Sunday, June 8, 2008

My new favorite eyeshadow combination

I have so much makeup that I often find myself playing around at night with different looks. Sometimes, like tonight, I'll do two different looks on each eye. I just get bored and start playing. Anyhow, I found my new favorite eye look. It consists of:

  • MAC Forest Green Pigment
  • MAC Chartreuse Pigment
  • MAC Frost Pigment
  • Stila Muse Eyeshadow

Here are a couple of pictures. Keep in mind, it was late at night, so it's not perfect. I didn't realize how clumpy the mascara (which is already in the garbage) looked until I took the pictures. I love the green look on my eyes though. I can't wait to do it tomorrow, only then, it'll look perfect!

I don't know where this blog will be headed. I might post about makeup today and tomorrow I may be posting about a deer I shot with my grandpa, so don't expect it to be completely girly :)

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